• Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater applications

We have a solution for your specific application needs. View our products by application types to find the right solution to your fluid path needs.

Environmental water and wastewater applications

For decades, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has helped water and wastewater treatment plants safeguard end-product quality, reduce cost of ownership, and minimize risk.

Our peristaltic pumps have no valves, diaphragms, rotors, stators, universal joints or lobes to fail. The risk of siphoning and gas locking, common in diaphragm pumps, is eliminated. They’re simple to operate, accurate, self-priming and capable of being run dry. This results in pumps that deliver:

  • accurate, contamination-free metering and dosing
  • reliable handling of slurries, viscous, abrasive and corrosive fluids
  • significantly lower total cost of ownership

The combination of the right products, supported by a global network of experienced support, is the reason leading water engineers turn to Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group to help them meet today’s challenges.

Environmental applications

Watson-Marlow pumps in environmental applications

Chemical metering and transfer

Peristaltic pumps that accurately pump abrasive chemicals such as lime slurry , powdered activated carbon (PAC), sodium hypochlorite (hypo), alum and other chemicals

More about chemical metering and transfer

Sludge transfer and sludge feed

Peristaltic hose pumps for feeding primary or thickened sludge to digesters or dewatering devices

More about sludge transfer and sludge feed

Key products

  1. Bredel hose pumps (65-2100)

    Bredel hose pumps (65-2100)

    Flow rates to 108,000 L/h (475 GPM) and pressures up to 16 bar (232 psi). Eliminate ancillary equipment.

    Pumps - hose pumps

  2. 530 process pumps

    530 process pumps

    Flow rates to 3.5 L/min (55 USGPH) and pressures up to 7 bar (100 psi). Precise 2,200:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps

  3. 630 process pumps

    630 process pumps

    Flow rates to 18 L/min (4.76 USGPM) and pressures up to 4 bar (60 psi). Precise 2,650:1 speed control range.

    Pumps - cased pumps

Products by brand

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