MasoSine process pumps

Gentle sinusoidal pumps for food, chemical and cosmetics applications

There are many benefits associated with using Sine pump technology, particularly a reduction in energy consumption MasoSine pumps typically require up to 50% less power than conventional pumps used in viscous fluid handling duties. Additionally, the sinusoidal rotor produces powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling. These features are vital to the food and beverage industry, where customers benefit from less waste and faster processing.

  • Energy efficient pumping
  • Gentle pumping action
  • High suction capability
  • Easy maintenance


MasoSine process pumps

OEM pump of choice

Certa Compact:

  • 30% reduction in footprint on the Certa Sine® pump
  • Reduced installation and running costs
  • Simple design, fewer spare parts and easy maintenance
  • Up to 99000 L/h, 6 bar
  • Seven pump sizes to meet your required flow rate
  • Reduce the cost of pumping even viscous product
  • Low shear, gentle handling to preserve product integrity
  • CIP, SIP and self-draining option
  • Fits under tanks, ideal for OEM skids
  • Various seal systems available
  • One shaft, one seal and no timing gears enable easy in-place pump maintenance


  1. Certa pump

    Certa pump

    Low shear, virtually no pulsation EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I certifed pump. Up to 50 % less power than other pumps.

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  2. SPS pump

    SPS pump

    Low shear pumping with flow rates to 99,000 L/h (434 USGPM) and pressures up to 15 bar (217 psi).

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