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PTFE flexible hoses for Food and Beverage

Aflex Hose: The world’s leading manufacturer of PTFE-lined, flexible hose

For over 40 years, Aflex has been producing the most technically advanced range of PTFE-lined flexible hose products in the world.

From our factories in the UK and USA, we design, develop and manufacture our hoses from raw materials to finished products. This comprehensive approach gives us an unrivalled ability to meet specific needs, whatever your application.

Our dedication to developing quality products and becoming a trusted partner, has meant our customers have standardised on our hose products as the most reliable choice in their manufacturing plants.

Aflex hose products are created through a combination of expert engineering and material knowledge

  • Highly flexible and kink-resistant
  • Available with either natural or anti-static patented PTFE liner
  • Industry leading twenty four month guarantee
  • No adhesives in hose manufacture eliminate the risk of contamination
  • Up to 80mm bore and hose lengths of up to 30 metres

Lined with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), Aflex hoses offer excellent chemical resistance. Their structure provides a smooth bore to ensure clean, fast performance, resistant to high pressures and temperatures up to 260C.

PTFE is proven to outperform rubber, silicone and PVC in similar applications. Cleanability and steam resistance ensures compliance to the highest hygiene standards. Hoses are constructed without the use of adhesives, eliminating the risk of contamination.



Looking for our customer questionnaires?

Download or complete online questionnaires to submit to Aflex Hose when ordering, to help us to select the correct hose specification for your specific needs.

Aflex Hose questionnaires

Aflex FaBLINE long life PTFE-lined hoses for efficient food processing

Maximise the profitability of your food and beverage production with FaBLINE, the ultimate food grade hose from Aflex.


FaBLINE long life PTFE hose


  1. Bioflex Ultra

    Bioflex Ultra

    Smooth bore hose for biopharm and fine chemicals for clean, fast flow of high purity fluids.

    Flexible hose assemblies

  2. Pharmaline N and X hoses

    Pharmaline N and X hoses

    Smooth bore hose for replacing silicone rubber hoses for improved compatibility and cleanability.

    Flexible hose assemblies

  3. Corroline+ hose

    Corroline+ hose

    Smooth bore hose for chemical and other fluid flow applications where rough usage may occur.

    Flexible hose assemblies

  4. Corroflon hose

    Corroflon hose

    Convoluted bore hose for transferring process fluids where a smooth bore is not a specific requirement.

    Flexible hose assemblies

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