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Corroline+ transfer hose for battery manufacture

Corroline+ eliminates transfer hose leakage during battery manufacture

In South Korea, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer using a locally manufactured smooth PTFE hose was experiencing problems ranging from the hoses rupturing and leaking, to having very limited flexibility. The chemical transferred was an organic compound called N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, so PTFE was needed to provide the required chemical compatibility.

  • Competitor hose not up to the tough task
  • Chemical compatibility demanded convoluted PTFE-lined hose

Corroline+ complete with its internally smooth bore PTFE liner can offer not only chemical resistance and high flow rates, but its unique construction provides excellent flexibility and kink resistance. The advantages of this PTFE hose include eliminating hose failures and being extremely cost-effective in tough applications such as this lithium-ion battery production process.

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