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    Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions is acknowledged as the world leader in niche positive displacement pumps and associated fluid path technologies.

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    Unparalleled experience

    We are committed to continuous investment in innovation, technology leadership and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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    Our business

    Our roots lie in positive displacement pumps and associated fluid path technologies.

Watson-Marlow pumps

Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps eliminate the need for ancillaries. Our pumps increase productivity by providing accurate and repeatable flow rates. Rapid and simple installation ensures a low total cost of ownership.

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Flexicon Liquid Filling

Flexicon Liquid Filling equipment facilitates high accuracy aseptic filling and easy product changeover without cross contamination or cleaning validation.

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MasoSine process pumps

There are a number of key benefits associated with using Sine pump technology, particularly a reduction in energy consumption.

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Bredel hose pumps

Bredel is the world's largest manufacturer of hose pumps and hose element materials. Our positive displacement pumps are working non-stop around the world.

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Watson-Marlow Tubing

Watson-Marlow’s tubing product range has been developed in-line with key market drivers such as validation, low leachable materials and security of supply.

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BioPure specialises in the design and production of advanced single-use tube and connector systems for biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers.

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ASEPCO’s patented valve architecture includes a unique Weirless Radial diaphragm. To the thousands of ASEPCO customers this means no leakage or contamination of valuable products and, impressively, cost savings of up to 80% in maintenance are reported.

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Aflex Hose

Manufacturing the widest and most technically advanced range of PTFE-lined hose products, Aflex are able to meet customers’ specific needs in demanding process fluid transfer applications, ensuring the highest levels of chemical resistance and superior flexibility.

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Our business

Our roots lie in positive displacement pumps and associated fluid path technologies. As the acknowledged leader in our field, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology products are the first choice for applications requiring accurate, dependable pumping performances.