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How peristaltic technology is helping food and beverage manufacturers treat water and wastewater more efficiently

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New Water and wastewater report

Appropriate treatment of process water and wastewater is fundamental to the safe and efficient operation of every food and beverage production plant. These are complex and costly processes, with each site potentially treating differing volumes of water, to varying standards, for a multitude of applications and to meet specific environmental discharge regulations.

In the competitive food and beverage market, standards for health and safety and environmental compliance are of critical importance.

There are significant reputational and financial consequences for putting products or the environment at risk through poorly managed systems and processes.

The food and beverage industry uses vast volumes of water, and treatment of water and wastewater is essential to every production plant. It is a complex and costly process with every site required to meet specific environmental discharge regulations.



This report looks at the critical process of water treatment in food and beverage production and explores how best practice in chemical dosing is a key factor in mitigating risks from breaches in health and safety and compliance.

With water an increasingly scarce resource, sustainability is also an important consideration. The report also looks in more depth at sustainability issues and includes two industry examples on how companies have optimised operating processes and reduced their environmental footprint.

Through innovative techniques and process equipment, the report shares insight into how companies worldwide are tackling the issue of wastewater.


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