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Engineering Apprenticeships

Our Apprenticeships are unique and offer a great way to stay in education, improve your skills and gain work experience whilst earning a salary.

Providing a flexible pathway towards a broad range of engineering careers, our apprenticeships can be tailored to an individuals pursuit and development.

We currently offer apprenticeships in

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Electronics

Qualification routes can be adapted as the apprentices progress. The electronics apprenticeships start with a year within the team so that individuals can build up a good understanding of the business and team before embarking on their qualification pathway. We have designed our Programme so that you will have the invaluable, first-class experience to draw upon as you launch your career. In return, we expect energy, enthusiasm and the drive to deliver results.

Case Study

Watson–Marlow in Falmouth is home to the winner of the Young Engineer Awards 2019, and Apprentice of the Year. Winner Dan Rutter said “Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions is a great place to work for apprentice engineers. The company is really supportive of young people, and my colleagues have helped me to see how rewarding a career in technology and engineering can be. I look forward to continuing to build my skills; my plan to is work towards a Manufacturing Management role within the company.”

Read the full article here

Hear from Sam Pascoe and Dan Rutter about their journey with Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions and what they love about the apprenticeships.

WMFTS apprenticeships

WMFTS apprenticeships

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