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New silicone transfer tubing from BioPure

New transfer tubing from BioPure provides reliable fluid transfer solution for biopharmaceutical applications

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched BioPure silicone transfer tubing to provide a safe, reliable and value-based solution for a wide range of bioprocess fluid transfer applications.

Biopharmaceutical processes are among the most critical in the world, so having confidence in the quality and cleanliness of manufacturing materials is essential. Using WMFTS’s extensive experience in bioprocessing, BioPure platinum cured silicone transfer tubing is flexible and reliable, delivering safe and efficient fluid transfer.

This new transfer tubing offers a good value option for fluid transfer for a broad range of applications including diagnostics, animal health and biopharmaceutical R&D, satisfying all the essential requirements including:

  • Biocompatible materials – The tubing is USP Class VI compliant and animal derived component free.
  • Manufactured and packed – in an ISO14644-1 Class 7 cleanroom in accordance with EP 3.1.9
  • Withstands challenging conditions – BioPure silicone tubing is autoclavable and gamma stable up to 50kGY to meet even the most demanding conditions used in bioprocessing applications.
  • Product traceability – Lot numbering enables product traceability for confidence in the supply chain.
Biopure transfer tubing


Mark Lovallo, Product Manager at WMFTS, commented “Tubing choice is an important consideration for any bioprocess engineer in order to ensure the entire process is compatible with regulations and maintains the quality of high-value products.

It is therefore essential that quality is not compromised for cost.

Using our extensive experience in bioprocessing, we have designed the BioPure transfer tubing to provide a reliable, flexible and good-value solution for a wide range of applications.”

Silicone transfer tubing 

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