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Food industry OEM selects MasoSine Certa pump for hygienic liquid food handling

MasoSine Certa sine pump

The advantages of a MasoSine Certa sine pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) are being used in an innovative liquid food dispensing, filling and packaging system – Innofill from Atlantic Engineering.

  • Certa sine pump becomes a fixed part of Atlantic Engineering’s Innofill concept for dispensing, filling and packaging liquid food
  • Main benefits of the Certa pump include hygiene, no pulsation and gentle handling of ingredients

Fast, safe and high integrity

The Innofill concept is based on dispensing, filling and safely sealing liquid products in one move, making them suitable for the cook and chill process. By utilising this method, fresh produce can be kept for up to 40 days without loss of quality. As a result, food production companies can work more efficiently, reduce production time and develop new products and strategies. However, the successful development of this concept relied on Atlantic Engineering sourcing the ideal pump.

“Pumps play an important role in all of our systems,” states Cédric De Bleye at Atlantic Engineering. “We use many different pumps because they have specific properties and advantages. One of the main reasons we chose the Certa sine pump is because it’s the only one that can do everything we need for the Innofill concept.”

Virtually no pulsation

The four most important Certa pump aspects for Innofill include virtually no pulsation and consistent, accurate flows. The pump also has to be hygienic and easy to clean with minimal downtime. Gentle handling of viscous fluids, including particles and large pieces of food ingredients, is a further prerequisite, while high-temperature resistance is also required as the pump is connected to boilers.

“Only the Certa pump could offer us all of these capabilities – and the price-to-quality ratio was good as well – which is why it was the only logical choice,” says Mr De Bleye.

oem liquid handling

oem liquid handling

Hygienic solution

Total hygiene is facilitated as only a few parts of Certa come into contact with the food and the entire pump can be cleaned quickly using CIP or SIP. The pump is then ready to process a different product.

MasoSine for Food and Beverage

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