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Bredel pumps handle highly abrasive and viscous bodywork preparation compounds

Bredel hose pumps successfully transfer many highly viscous products

At Farécla Products Ltd, a world-class manufacturer of cutting compounds and finishing products principally for the automotive market, but also marine, industrial and aerospace industries. Bredel 40, 65 and 100 pump models are being deployed to transfer many extremely abrasive, highly viscous products.

  • Bredel Pumps excel at handling paintwork cutting compounds
  • Abrasive resistant hoses provide typical service life beyond 12 months

Two decades of success

automotive waxing,

­“We’ve been using Bredel pumps for around 20 years, which tells its own story,” states Richard Buxcey the company’s plant and maintenance manager. “Although nearly all of our products are abrasive, some are very abrasive and we’ve found that only the Bredel range can overcome the challenges presented by both viscosity and abrasion”.

A Bredel machined hose ensures perfect compression and consistent, reliable performance. Bredel manufactures hoses from high quality compounded rubbers, reinforced with four individual layers of braided nylon and finished by high precision machining.

Perfect compression eliminates slip which, in other pumps, can allow abrasive fluids to wreak havoc on wetted parts.

Increased flexibility

The Bredel 40 hose pump is mounted on a portable trolley to introduce a greater degree of flexibility into Farécla’s small filling line activities. Although used intermittently, between 1000 and 2000 litres per hour are pumped, topping up hoppers with various non-abrasive retail products.

Other Bredel pumps on-site face far more challenging applications. The company’s two Bredel 65 and two Bredel 100 pumps are used for transferring highly abrasive cutting compounds with viscosities that in some instances exceed 90,000 centipoise.

The pumps run intermittently and are activated using ultrasonic level sensors on the bottle filling lines.

Bredel hose pumps

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