Advancing DriveSure

A complete OEM panel mount solution from a single supplier


Watson-Marlow panel mount pumps are available with a range of motors, including stepper and brushless DC motors for integrated control.

Watson-Marlow DriveSure panel mount pumps integrate our latest generation control technology and PC software (WM Connect) to deliver powerful performance. DriveSure is fully tested and certified, ensuring reliability in a range of applications.

As a complete panel mount solution, DriveSure helps OEMs to reduce time-to-market, and achieve competitive gain by simplifying each stage of the development process.

Designed for peristaltic motion

DriveSure features our next generation digital, closed-loop control technology which delivers enhanced speed control for accurate flow rates, coupled with cool and quiet performance.

  • High speed accuracy and stability across the range is achieved by tuning specifically for peristaltic pump applications
  • Cool running is achieved by continuously adjusting motor phase current in response to the torque requirement, avoiding excess current and therefore heat
  • If the load increases unexpectedly due to changes in the application, DriveSure can manage this in a controlled and safe manner through it’s closed-loop control

Seamless Industrial Ethernet integration

DriveSure now supports Industrial Ethernet protocols as well as traditional analogue control. This simplifies integration into advanced distributed control systems and benefits end-users by improving process control, reducing operating costs and minimising downtime.

This capability enables seamless integration of vital fluid delivery and offers:

  • Smart integration: for equipment designers, eliminating the need for additional components and connections
  • Improved accuracy: for precise control of the pump resulting in more accurate flow rates
  • Remote monitoring: providing operators with greater network control

In addition, EMC certification and user-friendly, IP66 capable mounting plates make DriveSure attractive to OEMs, designers, engineers and installers.

Integrated cover-open sensor, analogue signal scaling, prime switch inputs and fault detection further enhances the range.

Features and benefits

  • Cool, quiet and compact design exceeds the demands of laboratories, clean rooms and process environments
  • Certify your cabinet to IP66 with sealed mounting plates
  • Reduces the need for additional cooling, so suitable for use in enclosed cabinets
  • Download WM Connect PC software to evaluate and optimise via USB connection
  • Single-source supplier of a tested and certified OEM component provides greater supply chain confidence
  • Available with 100, 300, 400RXMD and 500 series pumpheads.


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DriveSure pumps

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  1. 100 series low-flow pumps

    100 series low-flow pumps

    Iconic flip-top pumps for flows up to 500 ml/min. Accurate flow performance to medium pressures.

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  2. 500 series high-flow pumps

    500 series high-flow pumps

    Durable, single channel pumps for high flows to 3,500 ml/min. Supports continuous tubing and Loadsure elements for high pressures.

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