Transfer of abrasive ore and tailings slurries

Water is a valuable resource and the less you need to use across your mining and mineral processing operations the better.

The transfer and handling of tailings and waste poses a significant threat to the environment due to their highly abrasive a harsh chemical characteristics.

Additionally, the high volumes of water that are used in tailing applications places further environmental and economic pressures on mining operations. For example, mines are often forced to provide seal flush water and dilute thickened slurries in order for centrifugal pumps to function properly. Hose pumps use no mechanical seals, eliminating the need for costly seal flush water.

Our hose pumps are capable of transferring thickened slurries with concentrations of up to 80% solids.

As the pumps require no mechanical seal flush water, they present a significant advantage over centrifugal pumps that can demand up to 72 litres of water, per minute. 

Mine ore concentrates and slurries contacting rotors, impellers, stators and seals can cause failure with some pump types. Bredel hose pumps have no moving parts in the product zone to obstruct the flow. Only the inside of the hose comes into contact with the product in a Bredel peristaltic hose pump. This significantly reduces maintenance downtime; replacing the hose can be performed in-situ, without special tools or skills, in minutes.

  • Tailings with solids content (up to 80%) are handled with ease
  • Hose pumps use no mechanical seals, eliminating the need for costly seal flush water
  • Fully reversible to blow out suction and drain lines safely
  • Bredel pump output is consistent and unaffected by changing pressure and fluid viscosity or density increases

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