Flocculation dosing and chemical metering

Mineral slurries exhibit a range of particle sizes with diverse charge requirements

In flocculation processes, sedimentation rates largely depend on the molecular size of the polyacrylamide. Today’s flocculants are high molecular weight polymers and the size of molecule makes them sensitive to breakage during pumping operations. The performance, efficiency and environmental impact of your pumping equipment in flocculation applications, has a direct influence on the cost of you operations. 

Chemicals are expensive to purchase and their transportation to remote mining locations is costly. Wastage has a direct impact on profitability and spillage could have a negative impact on the environment. 

The low shear, gentle action of our peristaltic pumping technologies preserve the integrity of shear sensitive flocculants, optimising floc formation.

  • Gentle conveying peristaltic principle
  • Clear flow path
  • Low operating speeds
qdos pumps

Qdos pumps

Accuracy and dependability reduces flocculant usage

When pumping chemicals that include sodium sulphate, xanthate, methyl-isoamyl alcohol and dithiophosphate, the accuracy and reliability of WMFTS pump technology keeps chemical costs under control.

Whether handling polymers, flocculants, reagents, abrasive lime slurries, or corrosive chemicals, Bredel and Qdos peristaltic pumps can accurately control the flow, with minimal downtime for maintenance and very low cost parts inventory.

  • Less than 1% flow variation over the pumps working life, irrespective of pressure
  • The hose or tube is the only pump component to come into contact with the chemical
  • Changing a hose or tube can be performed in-situ with no special tools or skills required 

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