OEM system components

OEM fillers and controllers

We help you to build custom production-scale filling systems. Many filling machine manufacturers have already successfully incorporated Flexicon solutions into their filling lines, thereby adding value to their product and increased satisfaction from their clients.

Full flexibility in fill volumes

  • Prevent spillage between fills, foaming and splashing
  • Fast changeover
  • High filling accuracy reduces fluid costs
  • Global support and high quality filling accessories


  1. OEM Controllers

    OEM Controllers

    Control up to 16 filling units. Filling in parallel, serial or individual mode available.

    Aseptic filling - integrated solutions

  2. OEM Fillers

    OEM Fillers

    Accuracy of ±0.5 % on most volumes prevents costly overfilling. No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills.

    Aseptic filling - integrated solutions

  3. OEM Trolley solutions

    OEM Trolley solutions

    Easy integration with existing or new filling line. From 2 to 16 fillers in one trolley.

    Aseptic filling - integrated solutions