Hose pump elements

APEX NR hose


APEX natural rubber (NR) hose elements

The hose element is critical to ensure pump performance, durability and efficiency. Bredel composite reinforced hoses are constructed from high-quality compounded rubbers reinforced with four individual layers of braided nylon, and finished by high-precision machining. Inner and outer layers are extruded and, after construction, machined to ensure critical tolerances are maintained.

Outstanding abrasion resistance. Generally resistant to diluted acids and alcohols.

Perfect 100 % compression eliminates slippage which can destroy shear sensitive product and reduce metering accuracy.

Examples of compatible media:

  • Sludge with up to 85 % solids
  • Magnesium oxide and titanium dioxide
  • Water based paints, pigments
  • Food waste

Chemical Compatibility Guide

Features and benefits

  • Tight tolerances for low stress on bearings
  • Perfect compression for long life
  • Excellent suction performance – 9 m suction lift
  • High pressure capability – 116 psi
  • Repeatable volumetric accuracy to ± 1 %
  • Consistent capacity independent of varying suction and discharge conditions
  • Exceptional performance when handling high viscosity product
  • Max. fluid temperature: 176 ºF, Min. fluid temperature: 14 ºF

Technical summary

Max. operating pressure8 bar
Max. operating pressure116 psi
Bore size10 - 35 mm
Bore size0.39 - 1.38 in
Wall thickness8.5 - 13.2 mm
Wall thickness0.335 - 0.519 in

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Technical specifications’ tab for model specific information.


Technical specifications

10 mm15 mm20 mm28 mm35 mm
Max. operating pressure8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar8 bar
Max. operating pressure116 psi116 psi116 psi116 psi116 psi
Suction pressure0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs0.05 bar abs
Suction pressure1 psi abs1 psi abs1 psi abs1 psi abs1 psi abs
Operating temperature range -20 to 45 °C-20 to 45 °C-20 to 45 °C-20 to 45 °C-20 to 45 °C
Operating temperature range -4 to 113 °F-4 to 113 °F-4 to 113 °F-4 to 113 °F-4 to 113 °F
Fluid temperature range -20 to 80 °C-20 to 80 °C-20 to 80 °C-20 to 80 °C-20 to 80 °C
Fluid temperature range -4 to 176 °F-4 to 176 °F-4 to 176 °F-4 to 176 °F-4 to 176 °F
Bore size10 mm15 mm20 mm28 mm35 mm
Bore size0.39 in0.59 in0.79 in1.1 in1.38 in
Wall thickness8.5 mm8.5 mm8.5 mm13.2 mm13.2 mm
Wall thickness0.335 in0.335 in0.335 in0.519 in0.519 in
Length27.5 in27.2 in27.2 in36 in43 in
Weight0.4 kg0.52 kg0.61 kg1.85 kg2.55 kg
Weight0.88 lbs1.21 lbs1.32 lbs4.03 lbs5.55 lbs
Your local Bredel sales office/distributor can advise the right hose for your application. For best pump performance use Bredel Genuine Hose Lubricant (NSF Non food Compound Program Listed, category H1)

Materials of construction

Inner layerNR
Outer layerNR



  1. Bredel APEX pumps (US).pdf
    PDF - 1.7mb


  1. APEX hose elements datasheet (EN).pdf
    PDF - 241kb

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