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Certa pumps the only choice for yeast handling at German family-owned Hofmann brewery

Certa pump the only choice for yeast handling at brewery

In yeast harvesting duties, Hofmann uses a sight glass on the fermentation tanks to give quick visual assurance of yeast levels within each tank whilst pumping takes place.

  • The requirement to handle various yeast viscosities
  • Self-priming even with high suction demands
  • No gas locking

Lobe pumps had been used to transfer yeast but gassing issues caused problems and pump efficiency suffered. This was particularly noticeable as there are long suction lines between multiple yeast tanks and the pump station.

Installation of Certa 200 pumps at the Hofmann brewery fulfilled these specifications and led to continuous yeast harvesting, with the Brewmaster stating that ease of maintenance by the brewery’s own personnel, and rapid CIP cleaning, is an added advantage. The simplicity of the Certa pump reduces CIP cycles and the amount of water and cleaning agents required.

Certa EHEDG pump

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