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MasoSine reduces noise on pie filling line whilst maintaining product integrity

Pukka Pies reduce noise on pie filling line

MasoSine pump technology has solved many problems associated with Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AODs) on Pukka Pies’ bakery production line.

  • Powerful suction and low shear
  • Reduced decibel levels on the production line
  • Increased process efficiency due to reduced maintenance time

The challenge

The bakery had been using an AOD pump to transfer pre-cooked meat pie filling from a 200 liter capacity mixing bowl to a depositor feed hopper. The transfer of pie fillings, often involving high suction lift, can be a significant challenge for bakeries.

Pukka Pies found that the meat mixture was problematic for the AOD pumps. They needed to find a pump that could transfer the product whilst maintaining product integrity. They also found that their pump was very noisy and the team at Pukka wanted to improve the working conditions for its bakery operatives.


The solution

MasoSine’s sinusoidal rotor design can produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling, all of which contributes significantly to lower noise output, whilst still maintaining the product’s integrity.

Additionally the innovative yet simple pump design allows economical in-line maintenance which has increased process efficiency.

MasoSine for Food and Beverage

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