Pumping thickener underflow

Find out more about pumping thickener underflow in the mining industry.

Pumping thickener underflow

Many pump types struggle to meet the demand for pumping the high viscosity and high density mineral concentrate in thickener underflow transfer. Bredel hose pumps are designed to handle high-solids content fluids, such as concentrated ore paste with a solids content of 40-80%.

  • Hose pumps have proven ability to transfer thickener underflow pastes and chemical laden slurries
  • Globally, mines are replacing centrifugal pumps with Bredel hose pumps
  • Pumps can run dry with no risk of damage
  • Replacing the hose is quick and can be done in-situ without special tools

Mining-thickener underflow

Hose pump performance is far less impacted by paste density, viscosity, suction conditions and discharge pressure and are not affected by the abrasive/aggressive nature of paste and chemicals.

There are no moving parts in the product zone to obstruct the flow. The hose is the only component that comes into contact with the product.

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