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Pilot plants for metallurgy and mineral processing

Pilot plants test the parameters of new technologies, production systems, and process technologies to support the sustainable scale-up of mineral processing and production methods. They provide an opportunity to test equipment, chemical engineering methodology, and operations on a small scale before full production. 

Pilot development requires significant investment and it is essential that the equipment adopted throughout a process at a small scale will ensure accurate and reliable results. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group provides scalable, versatile and sustainable fluid path solutions for accurate testing at bench and pilot scale for dependable flow sheet test results. Across our peristaltic tube and hose pumps, we offer an enhanced solution for linear pumping performances through low and high flow rates. Our expert teams work closely with customers to ensure they choose the right pumping technologies for their process.

Accurate, versatile and dependable pumping solutions

Bredel and APEX peristaltic hose pumps excel in slurry transfer applications and can transfer thickened slurries with concentrations of up to 80% solids. The pumps help to make operations more sustainable by reducing water use as they have no mechanical seal flush where water is typically required. Some centrifugal pumps in large-scale operations need as much as 72 litres of water per minute.

Qdos chemical metering pumps, Watson-Marlow cased pumps and our close-coupled pumps support separation and flotation processes through linear, repeatable and accurate reagent and flocculant dosing. Full fluid containment keeps operators safe, and simple maintenance further enhances operational benefits over other pumps types such as diaphragm pumps.

Assured accurate dosing of reagents in the flotation cells optimises the separation process of the minerals. Similarly, peristaltic pumps excel in flocculant dosing in thickener applications to aid the thickening of minerals for further processing. 


Supporting Grinding Solutions Limited

Grinding Solutions Limited (GSL) is an innovative company that specialises in mineral liberation and separation. Their services range from metallurgical and mineral processing to on-site support and product development. They aim to increase mineral recovery and reduce overall process costs through targeting the optimal process design and operation.

GSL's comprehensive services includes the complete process from small scale to larger pilot-scale processes. From crushing and grinding, the company cover areas including physical and chemical separation of minerals. 

In partnership with our expert team, GSL adopted peristaltic pumps throughout their process. Watch the video to hear from a representative at the company and why they choose our leading solutions. 

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"We use Watson-Marlow pumps because they are reliable, consistent and can be used across our processes."

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