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Energy efficiency prompts creamery to invest in second MasoSine pump

Energy efficiency prompts creamery to invest in MasoSine pump

When a creamery from Cornwall installed a new depositing machine at its factory, the company’s previous success with a MasoSine pump ensured it returned to the same source for a second unit. An energy efficient Certa 100 was recommended to transfer a range of double and single cream.

  • Low shear gentle handling important attributes
  • Certa three times more energy-efficient than pneumatic pumps
  • Extremely quiet operation

Previous success

Rodda’s installed a MasoSine SPS 200 sine pump several years ago as part of a clotted cream line. Its reliable performance impressed the maintenance team.

“Over the past six years of hard work we’ve had virtually no maintenance issues with the SPS 200; it has looked after itself,” states Maintenance Supervisor Paul Johnson."

roddas cream

Roddas cream


This same approach was needed for the company’s new pouring cream production facility: low shear, gentle handling.

“Using a centrifugal pump, for example, would effectively churn the cream into something like butter,” says Mr Johnson. “A sine pump was the way forward and we were keen on Certa from WMFTG, especially because of its energy efficiency attributes.”

In terms of the process, a mobile storage tank is wheeled up to the depositing machine, where the Certa 100 transfers cream from one to the other. The pump is mounted low, facilitating ahead of two metres into the machine’s hopper. No priming is required.

“We’ve had the MasoSine Certa 100 for around 12 months and there have been no issues whatsoever,” reports Mr Johnson. “Moreover, the pump is impressively quiet and is extremely energy efficient. From experience, we have learnt that it is three times more expensive to run a pneumatic pump than an electric pump.”

Certa EHEDG pump

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