ASEPCO inline valves

Our family of inline diaphragm valves are designed to minimise contamination risk, maintenance and lifetime cost.

Contamination-free and consistently dependable diaphragm valves for aseptic applications

Around the world, ASEPCO Weirless Radial diaphragm™ valves deliver consistency in biotechnology and pharmaceutical processes while reducing maintenance time by up to 80%. Their unique construction and radial diaphragm design makes them completely drainable and virtually eliminates the risk of contamination.

We have developed ASEPCO valves to minimise risk. Changing a diaphragm takes seconds, with no need for special tools or training. A simple Tri-Clamp® assembly makes inspection fast and easy. Every surface material that touches your process fluid complies with many global industry standards, safeguarding you and your process.

ASEPCO in-line valve

ASEPCO Weirless Radial diaphragm in-line valve

Designed to save you time

  • The consistent, effective radial diaphragm eliminates entrapment for easy cleaning
  • Patented radial diaphragm, eliminates entrapment for easy cleaning
  • Features a 180 degree install angle with superior drainability in multiple orientations
  • Simple, Tri-Clamp assembly makes maintenance 80% faster
  • Integrated travel stops
  • No readjustment or retightening

Strong and lightweight actuators

Our tank valve actuators are available in 2 series; the AJS actuator series for heavy-duty applications or the AKS actuator series for lighter weight needs.

Both series offer manual and pneumatic options, are laser-etched for traceability, and carry a market-leading three year warranty.



Long-lasting, quick-change diaphragms

The valve diaphragm can be changed in seconds, without special training or tools. Customers tell us this reduces maintenance time by as much as 80% compared to other valve technologies. Our patented, radial shoulder seal design gives consistent, leak-free, uniform sealing. 

Diaphragms are offered in eight different materials to cover every biotechnology and pharmaceutical application.

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