Aseptic filling - integrated solutions

OEM Trolley solutions


OEM trolley solutions - for high capacity filling lines

The Flexicon trolley mounted filling systems are ideal for existing filling lines where piston pumps need to be replaced. Trolley designs are available for 2 to 16 filling stations with a master controller which can either be integrated into the trolley, or mounted on the control panel of the main machine.

Benefit from a fast validation process and obtain optimum capacity with no time-consuming stops due to splashing, foaming or dripping on the bottle track. Costly overfilling and lengthy piston filler cleaning validation are both eliminated so providing further savings.

Features and benefits

  • High filling accuracy prevents costly overfilling - better than ±0.5 % for most volumes
  • Flexibility of fill volumes from less than 0.2 ml to more than 250 ml
  • Global support and high quality filling accessories
  • Easy integration with existing or new filling line
  • Fast changeover between batches
  • From 2 to 16 fillers in one trolley


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    Aseptic filling - integrated solutions

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    Aseptic filling - integrated solutions

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