Aseptic filling - capping machines

Table top crimp capping machines


FS10 and FS32 table top crimp capping machines

FS10 for smaller vials and aluminium caps

  • FS10 cap sizes: Ø8 mm to Ø20 mm DIN standard with or without flip-top
  • FS10 max vial diameter: 55 mm
  • FS10 max vial height: 180 mm

 FS32 for larger vials and aluminium crimp caps

  • FS32 cap size: Ø20 mm to Ø32 mm DIN standard with or without flip-top
  • FS32 max vial diameter: 95 mm
  • FS32 max vial height: 240 mm

Compatible with Schott vials

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Features and benefits

  • Ensures consistent capping quality
  • Protection from repetitive strain injury
  • Cap up to 1,000 units/hour
  • Fast and easy changeovers between vials or caps
  • Collection of used compressed air
  • Suitable for usage in a GMP environment
  • Small foot print

Technical summary

StandardsDS/EN ISO 12100 DS/EN 60204 2006/42/EC 2006/95/EC 2004/108/EC 
Max. bottle/vial diameter95 mm
Max. bottle/vial height240 mm

Technical Summary table lists features available within the range. See ‘Specifications’ tab for model specific information.


Technical specifications

Ingress ProtectionIP31 IP31 
StandardsDS/EN ISO 12100 DS/EN 60204 2006/42/EC 2006/95/EC 2004/108/EC DS/EN ISO 12100 DS/EN 60204 2006/42/EC 2006/95/EC 2004/108/EC 
Power supply110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz 110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz 
Air supply6 bar clean and dry air 6 bar clean and dry air 
Weight12 kg16 kg
Weight26 lbs35 lbs
AccessoriesCrimp heads, bottle tools, pockets Crimp heads, bottle tools, pockets 
Max. cap diameter20 mm240 mm
Min. cap diameter8 mm95 mm
Max. bottle/vial diameter55 mm95 mm
Max. bottle/vial height180 mm240 mm

FS10 dimensions

FS32 dimensions



  1. FS10/32 (EN).pdf
    PDF - 334.8kb



  1. Flexicon FS10 FS32 manual (EN).pdf
    PDF - 417.7kb


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