• Flexicon

Fully-automatic vial filling systems

Automatic filling and tabletop vial and bottle handling systems

As the need for more automation grows Flexicon’s product line meets the needs of flexible production of small batches in contract filling and diagnostics operations where there are many different sizes of bottles.

The speed at which the vials/bottles are presented at the filling needle is fully adjustable, allowing light vials or bottles to be filled. Customised solutions can be designed to handle bottles with special shapes.

fully automatic


  1. FP50


    Filling and stoppering for small batch production. No costly overfilling – fill accuracy better than ±0.5 %.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems

  2. FPC50


    Highly flexible aseptic filling system with integrated, full or partial stoppering and crimp capping of vials.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems

  3. FPC60


    Uniquely configurable fill/finish system. Innovative design with a wide variety of options to suit all requirements.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems

  4. Cellefill


    Vial filling machine and containment solution to fast track your cell, gene and biological therapies.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems

  5. FMB210


    Fully-automatic systems for production. Highly accurate filling of volumes from less than 0.2 ml to more than 250 ml.

    Aseptic filling - fully automatic systems