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Uniquely configurable Flexicon FPC60 fill-finish system offers production flexibility

Flexicon FPC60 fill/finish system offers production flexibility

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has unveiled the new Flexicon FPC60 highly accurate peristaltic fill/finish system. A wide variety of modules are available for the system, allowing users to create a bespoke filling solution to suit small-batch applications. The modules include vial infeed, filling, stoppering, capping, auto-reject, gas purging and product outfeed.


Capable of handling vial sizes between 2R and 100H the FPC60’s unique servo-driven auto adjustment allows for minimal tools and quicker set-up between batches. Moreover, when supplied with in-line check weighing, the FPC60 offers unique dynamic prime, no-intervention initial calibration and dynamic recalibration, meaning every vial, from first to last, is confirmed to be within specification. With the addition of a dynamic prime, users will benefit from no loss of valuable product.

High speed, low downtime

With a throughput of up to 45 vials per minute, and options for automatic segregation of rejects, speed is optimised and downtime kept to an absolute minimum. What’s more, highly accurate filling is assured from less than 0.2ml up to 100ml.

Designed for users seeking production flexibility, the entire FPC60 fluid path has been developed for single-use, making cleaning validation extremely simple, and facilitating fast changeover between liquid types. Further aiding ease-of-use, the new horizontally mounted pump head allows simple, one-handed interaction, while operation requires minimal intervention with menu-driven, auto-adjust settings providing users with clear value in time and consistency between operators.

FPC60 fill-finish system

FPC60 fill-finish system offers production flexibility

Advanced data management

Major functionality includes highly advanced data management and retrieval. Using a secure internet-based tool, the FPC60 allows remote operation from outside a cleanroom or distant location. With each batch recorded in full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, this capability makes the FPC60 ideal for contract filling and development applications. The advanced data management system is SQL server-based and fully accessible from any web device.

FPC60 fully automatic fill/finish system

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