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Watson-Marlow 114DV pumphead meets the performance criteria of Anthogyr’s dental implant device

Compact peristaltic pump easily integrates into device for irrigation management

  • Dental implantology specialist Anthogyr selects Watson-Marlow 114DV single-channel pumphead to be integrated into its Xpert Unit®
  • 114DV single-channel pumphead is reliable, easy to integrate and is customised to Anthogyr’s needs
  • 114DV accurately maintains a constant flow rate for irrigation management

When Anthogyr needed a new pumphead to integrate into its Xpert Unit®, the dental implants manufacturer chose the 114DV single-channel pumphead from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) for its easy integration, customisation and durability.

Anthogyr, based in Sallanches in the Mont Blanc valley, provides a complete range of implants, instruments and digital solutions to support dental health professionals.
The French implantology specialist required a pumphead to be integrated into its new connected dental implantology motor, the Xpert Unit®, which provides solutions for the traceability of surgery data, tracking of equipment, as well as access to a wide range of services.
For the launch of the Xpert Unit, Anthogyr was looking for a compact pump that could easily be integrated to provide constant irrigation of the treated area during surgery while being easy and safe to handle for the surgeon.  

Accurate, constant flow rate

The Xpert Unit implantology engine offers four irrigation flows of 30, 60, 90, or 120 mL/min. These flows meet the needs of practitioners during the different phases of surgery and the pump needs to accurately maintain a constant flow rate for irrigation management. In addition, the pump had to be customised to the colours of the device (white).

To ensure all criteria are met, Anthogyr opted for the 114DV single-channel pumphead from WMFTS, known for its robust performance in medical, biotechnology, and diagnostic applications.
WMFTS offered a loan pump to Anthogyr to conduct tests to validate the assembly, integration, and desired flow rates.

Benoit Blum, R&D Project Manager at Anthogyr, said: “The 114DV pumphead met our needs and was effective from the first prototype. It is a turnkey solution provided by an expert player in fluid transfer and which Anthogyr was able to rely on from the moment of product design.”

anthogyr’s Xpert Unit

Watson-Marlow 114DV has been integrated into Anthogyr’s Xpert Unit®

Anthogyr partners with dental surgeons and dental technicians in order to achieve complete dental restoration. The company, which is part of the Straumann Group, manufactures its products in France and Luxembourg.

The Watson-Marlow 100 series pumps are designed to deliver accurate, repeatable and low-pulse flow rates in a compact size. The 100 series has a spring-loaded track that provides pressure control, which can be easily set for standard and higher pressures. The pumps are highly engineered to provide long tube life and are available in various colours, including white. 

They also offer different options such as open/close sensor, rotation sensor, and customised occlusion.

Benefits of the Watson-Marlow 100 series single-channel pumpheads:

  • High accuracy and repeatable flows for single-channel, continuous tubing applications
  • Flow rates up to 340 mL/min for continuous use and up to 510 mL/min for intermittent use 
  • Highly flexible with 0.5 – 4.8mm bore, 1.6 mm wall thickness tubing 
  • High accuracy and repeatable flows up to medium pressures
  • Error-free tube change in seconds


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