• BioPure

Single-use assemblies

Customise your bioprocess with safe, easy-to-install assemblies.


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions is uniquely placed to offer both puresu assemblies and peristaltic pumps to meet your bioprocess fluid path requirements. Our product portfolio—consisting of BioPure single-use fittings and Watson-Marlow tubing, combined with third party components—facilitates open architectural design suitable for bioprocess implementation.


Assembled in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom following the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice with well-defined SOPs for a consistent product.


Supplied ready to install into your process, therefore reducing your supply chain demand.


Our experts work with you to design an assembly suitable for your processing needs, using a combination of internal manufacturing capability and an open architecture approach.

puresu single-use tube assemblies

puresu single-use tube assemblies