Flexicon PF7 Tabletop filler range

Benchtop Liquid filling


Benchtop peristaltic filling machines - optimised for accurate, reliable and repeatable performance

Flexion’s high-quality benchtop filling range is the perfect centrepiece for your final filling process.
Developed for accurate and reliable filling of sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments, our
range of benchtop filling machines offer a reliable, flexible and scalable filling solution.


PF7 is a flexible, reliable and versatile peristaltic filling machine. Developed to protect your valuable product in GMP
production environments, PF7 provides a dependable, high-quality solution.

  • Precision filling from micro-volumes
  • Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ± 0.5 %
    to prevent costly overfilling
  • No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills
  • Simple, powerful user interface
  • Designed for single-use fluid paths


Choosing the right product for your filling process PF7+ PF7
Precision filling from micro-volumes
Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ± 0.5 % to prevent costly over filling
No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills
User-programmable ‘recipes’ where users can define filling recipe parameters
Connects to a range of balances and printers for error-free calibration and batch reporting to help compliance to GMP and regulatory demands
Easy-to-clean surfaces with no entrapment areas, and an ergonomic design for operation on the bench or in isolators and LAF units
Clear and intuitive colour display with large keypad for easy use when gowned up in cleanroom environments
Zero waste start-up  
21 CFR part 11 compliance  
eBatch Reports via USB or EtherNet  
100 % in-process weigh checking  
Dynamic recalibration  
Easy reject fill tolerance indicators  
Supported USB keyboard   



The features of the PF7+ extend the established capabilities of the industry leading PF7. Developed for critical aseptic filling, PF7+ an intuitive peristaltic filling pump. When connected to the advanced filling kit the PF7+ provides:

  • Zero waste start-up
  • Up to 100 % in-process weight checking
  • Dynamic recalibration
  • Colour fill tolerance for vial rejection

pf7 plus filling machine

Enhance the performance of your critical process

With improved process traceability through batch reporting and live audit trails via EtherNet, PF7+ removes the need to enter the cleanroom and provides access to a full audit trail with ease. We have enhanced security through three user levels with unique permission, auto timeout locking and batch user password sign-off capabilities.

  • 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • eBatch reports via EtherNet
  • USB keyboard

PF7+ advanced filling kit

For a complete filling solution, Flexicon has worked with precision instrument specialists Mettler Toledo to develop a PF7+ advanced filling kit. To ensure filling repeatability, the PF7+ advanced filling kit includes a Mettler Toledo analytical balance with wind guarding and an integrated, adjustable nozzle holder.

PF7+  and advanced filling kit

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